About us

Insurance Brokerage

Foedus is a consolidated Insurance Brokerage which works side-by-side with businesses, traders and freelance professionals to:

Provide highly effective client retention solutions

Obtain beneficial technical and economic conditions

Manage claims through to indemnity or final compensation

Foedus consulting

works hand-in-hand with your value.

Foedus shares its experience with businesses to learn about the company in depth and optimise insurance coverage.

  • It analyses any existing insurance packages
  • It prepares an up-to-date insurance programme and/or new risk coverage based on the needs identifies
  • It obtains coverage for the programme on the insurance market, ensuring the best possible economic conditions and managing contract finalisation
  • It monitors deadlines and the payment of premiums
  • It updates policies based on new regulations or client needs
  • It helps businesses file claims and assesses the need for legal action or reports by technical experts
  • It manages claims through to indemnity or compensation

Foedus has a mission

to achieve your objectives.

Which is why its work is inspired by the principles of respect, commitment and loyalty.
Respect because it works to deserve the trust its clients place in it.
Commitment because it saves no effort to provide the best solutions every time.
Loyalty because only a loyal and continuous relationship guarantees real, lasting results.

Risk management

Managing risk effectively means not only being protected when a negative event occurs, but being able to identify it before it happens and to plan the forms of protection needed for worry-free corporate, professional and personal management.